We are Canadian company established by Canadian Health professionals specialized in training and health services development to upgrade the services and improve performance of health care givers Connecting The Canadian Health Technology companies and manufacturers with other international Companies and and health care institutes Also, through our online academy (western Board Academy) we train the Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists how to improve their knowledge and performance and train to Pass the Canadian Board Exams for Dental, Medical, Pharmacy professionals.

Our staff consists of group of Canadian Licensed Physicians, dentists, Pharmacists and Nurses with lots of years of experience with Canadian Health Care System.

Our Staff Experienced very successful experience implemented for years by Canadian government to empower Canadian Pharmacists to do special Pharmacy services that saved  billions of dollars for Canadian Government and improve the health outcomes for patients.

Our company today offering special project for training and implementing special Pharmacy services that could create cumulative cost depending on the level of uptake of these services, Expanding pharmacy services would translate to direct cost savings for governments and prevent chronic disease and premature death.

Expanding pharmacy services would improve the health of patients through chronic disease management, health promotion and prevention, as well as improve access to health services in rural and remote communities. Pharmacists can also help meet the demands of high-needs and vulnerable populations at reduced cost. Pharmacy care means fewer visits to doctors’ offices and emergency rooms, saving health care dollars while also improving health outcomes for patients.

Our staff was part of implementing these services and participate in development these services and we are offering full package of training, implementing, development and controlling of these special services for Pharmacists in Oman to create real saving for government and improve the patients out come .

Our project includes:

 1. Training programs for Pharmacists in Oman (real and virtual training that focused on patient centred care concept that enable the trained pharmacists to practice the special services professionally and efficiently

2. Software tools that empower the pharmacists to document the services and follow up with their patients, help the government to track the practice so can manage it and develop it

Looking forward for cooperation with Ministry Of Health of Sultanate of Oman to transfer this successful experience to Sultanate of Oman by our Expert Staff Members and open new markets for Canadian drug manufactures in middle East and Iraq.